At TUBO, we believe that every bride deserves to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. And for our beautiful bride Aisha Shettima, who had come all the way from London to get married to her sweetheart in Abuja, we were determined to make her Fulani traditional wedding outfits truly special. Little did we know that we would face unexpected challenges along the way, but with Aisha's unwavering trust in us, we were able to overcome them and deliver a truly memorable experience.

The consultation for Aisha's bridal outfits was already underway when our creative director arrived at our office in Lagos. Aisha, along with her supportive friends and family, were buzzing with excitement as they shared ideas and discussed details with our key account manager, the head of production and design, and a production assistant. It was clear that Aisha had placed her trust in us wholeheartedly, and this was just the beginning of an incredible journey.

The consultation went smoothly, and we finalised the sketches, designed fabrics from scratch, and prepared an invoice, which was approved and paid for promptly. However, little did we know that the real challenges were yet to come. As we started working on Aisha's outfits, we realised that we had to source fabric from different parts of the world and navigate through unforeseen obstacles.

The cape fabric for her white Mikado dress, for instance, had been delivered to another designer in Abuja by mistake. It was only through the personal intervention of our creative director and confirmation that we were able to track it down and retrieve it in time. The second fabric, which was going to be beaded for the bottom of the main dress, faced delays from the beader and shipping company, but to make matters worse, it was seized by Customs after it arrived in Nigeria. It felt like one challenge after another, and we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.

However, throughout this ordeal, Aisha remained incredibly calm and trusting. Her faith in our team was unwavering, and she never once doubted that we would deliver. Her positivity and confidence in us kept us going, even when the situation seemed bleak. It was both inspiring and humbling to witness such remarkable trust from a bride who had come all the way from London to work with us.

With relentless perseverance and determination, we worked tirelessly to overcome each challenge. We coordinated with different vendors, expedited shipping, and resolved customs issues to ensure that Aisha's fabrics were finally in our office just a week before her wedding. It was a race against time, but we were fueled by Aisha's trust and our commitment to making her bridal dreams come true.

Despite the setbacks with the fabric deliveries, we refused to give up. The final fittings were done, and Aisha's wedding outfits were ready. We created 3 TUBO outfits for the day and when Aisha tried them on, her joy and excitement were palpable. The outfits fit her perfectly, and the intricate beadwork and craftsmanship were simply breathtaking. It was a moment of triumph, and we were immensely proud to have played a part in making Aisha's dream wedding a reality. Little did we know that the challenges were not over, we completed the dresses in Lagos and shipped them to Abuja in under 40 hours, but the main dress did not fit when Aisha tried it on.


We sprang into action to salvage the situation, our reactive director took the first flight to Abuja with a team and alterations were done by hand with a needle and thread, we re-beaded the affected areas and in a matter of hours we had fulfilled our brand promise to our TUBOBride.

On her wedding day in Abuja, Aisha looked absolutely stunning in her TUBO outfits. Her smiles and laughter lit up the room, and it was a truly heart-warming sight. Aisha's trust in us had been rewarded, and we were grateful to have been a part of her special day.


The intricate beadwork on the main dress shimmered under the lights, and the cape draped elegantly over her shoulders. She looked breath-taking, and I knew that all the challenges we had faced were worth it. For Aisha’s first outfit, we infused aso-oke on the top half and hand beaded from shoulder to lower waistline - we beaded square cut sequins and clear-cut stones to the skirt panels made from the most perfect illusion tulle.


Her second dress was a crystal embroidered white Mikado dress. Every stone was hand-sewn on and finished exquisitely.


Her final outfit was a hand embellished full length green dress with detachable train.

Aisha was a vision of grace and beauty. Her wedding outfits were the epitome of elegance and sophistication, and she radiated with joy. Aisha's story is a testament to the trust and faith that our brides place in us at TUBO. We understand that a wedding is not just an event, but a lifelong dream for our brides, and we go above and beyond to bring their visions to life. Despite the challenges we faced, Aisha's unwavering trust in our team motivated us to overcome every obstacle and deliver beyond her expectations.

As we reflect on Aisha's journey, we are reminded of why we are passionate about what we do. It's not just about creating beautiful garments, but also about making our brides feel special, confident, and cherished on their big day. Aisha's wedding was a reminder of the power of determination, teamwork, and the bond between a bride and her designer.

Thank you, Aisha, for choosing us, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness as you embark on this new chapter of your life as a TUBOBbride.

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April 20, 2023
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