Ojuju by Tubo 

“I am of the opinion that most of the fabrics we tend to claim ownership to in my industry, do not belong to us Nigerians. Lace is mostly imported form India, China and Europe. Ankara isn’t produced by us or designed solely for the Nigeria market. Therefore, we have no right getting upset when international brands take advantage of the African narrative and try to rewrite our stories through fashion using tropical Ankara prints in their collections. I have decided to produce print designs that are truly Nigerian using our own indigenous masks and masquerades to tell our story. A collection carries a strong message and certainly puts not just Nigeria but Africa on the map” 

Sandrah Tubobereni 
Creative Director


The #OJUJU2020 collection #ojujubytubo #ojuju #oujuju2020 #tubowoman #tubortw


Photography and video - @emmanueloyeleke @eopstudios