Terms of Service

  1. All physical consultations are held at the Tubo bridal office while virtual consultations are held via zoom. You are expected to book for your consultation 3 months to the event to give enough time for planning, fabric sourcing, fitting, beading and so on. We can make exceptions for events that are much sooner, depending on our schedule. Please share your date with us and we will let you know if it’s possible to fast-track.
  2. Consultation fees must be paid before confirmation and the fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. Consultations last for 40 minutes per person.
  4. Based on the quality of fabrics we use, technicality of the design, and embellishments required, bridal and bespoke prices vary. Standard bespoke dresses start FROM ($3500) minimum. Please see the bridal section of the page for price ideas. Alternatively, you can also send images of similar dresses to our email to get a price range.
  5. For quality assurances and maximum creative freedom, we do not take clients' fabrics. We create designs using our own fabrics.
  6. Please Prepare to come in for your fitting when you’re not in a hurry. This is a couture service. Your dress is specially bespoken to fit your exact body and may require a lot of time and attention to get the perfect fitting. The fitting of your dress is our top priority and we want you to enjoy the production and design journey with us so please be patient and love the process.

Note that fittings done after the close of work will attract extra charges.

  1. Completed outfits must be picked within 2 weeks max as we have limited storage.
  2. Completed outfits abandoned for over 28 calendar days, paid or unpaid will be given to charity.
  3. TUBO does not offer refunds or exchanges after the purchase of fabric and production has commenced which is a maximum of 3 weeks after the consultation.
  4. Change of agreed design, lining, fabric or embellishment after production has commenced will attract a minimum of 50% of the initial production cost.
  5. Home service Consultation Fees:
  6. Within Lagos $1,000/hour excluding the cost of transportation.
  7. Out of Lagos $2,500/hour excluding transportation and accommodation.
  8. Outside Nigeria $5,000/hour excluding transportation and accommodation.
  9. For our haute couture styling services – #ThisIsNotAdress, we charge $1,000 per look and you have to book a minimum of 3 looks per day. Note that we retrieve the fabrics as soon as the photos are taken. We will create a mood board that best explains the overall looks but we do not provide a photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist or location, etc. but we can recommend a few. This is a couture-only service, where we create the outfits on the spot using drape and temporary stitch techniques. You are required to fill, sign and return our terms of engagement which will be sent to you in a separate document.