• One year high skill training
  • Fashion Management
  • Project Work
  • Fashion Show

About Tubo Academy

Tubo Academy is a vocational institution with fashion and management as its pioneer school.

The Academy is focused on grooming talents and training individuals in aid to contribute to the nation’s economy. The private fashion school focuses on the need to equip individuals with the skills needed in the fast­ paced fashion industry. The courses are developed by a team of fashion educators and executives led by the creative director Sandrah Tubobereni, to support fashion entrepreneurs and designers in their journey to becoming fashion business owners.

This academy is structured to answer all your questions and give you a clear idea of what you need, and the preparation and planning involved in making your business or design successful.


To be a world-class fashion academy dedicated to shaping the next generation of visionaries in the fashion industry.


To equip and train talents with leading­ edge teaching, innovative techniques, and effective learning methods in a progressive environment.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the defining components of the TUBO fashion academy. These values include:

Capacity building: This encapsulates what a TUBO fashion academy student should be. Our students are to take up relevant space in the fashion industry. To have a robust depth in the quality of our students’ output, we encourage a lifestyle of continuous academic and personal development.

Excellence: Promote the acquisition of practical skills to be able to be a top and competitive designer and producer of excellent men’s, women & children’s clothes.

Why Choose Tubo Academy

The Tubo academy runs an extensive 14 months program that entails four semesters. This entails 12 months of high-skill training and two months of fashion management. Each semester outline is tailored to train from the beginners’ stage to intermediate to advanced. At the end of each semester, one week of fashion management training will be done to train core management and financial skills needed by a fashion entrepreneur. At the end of the semesters, there will be project work and a fashion show to showcase knowledge gained during the academy. The academy has been designed to ensure each student learns and is able to do the following after the session:

  • How to source reliable vendors and third parties
  • Pricing strategy for business
  • Style selection for various categories of clients.
  • Building international clientele and network.
  • Hosting a fashion show or event.
  • Techniques to keep up with trends and remain in the industry.
  • Securing and managing partnerships and collaborations.
  • Possible internship program at Tubo

Our Program

The Tubo Academy will be covering the following courses:

  • Tailoring
  • Design
  • Sketching/Illustration
  • Condimdstion Skills
  • Fashion Law
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources & Standard operation Procedures
  • Marketing in a modern world
  • Creating your own fashion Label
  • Branding

Additional benefits Include:

  • Business Plan review
  • Lesson recording for review
  • Forums for support
  • Course E-book for further studies
  • Assessment tests
  • Certificate upon completion  (only given to students who complete the whole session)

How to Apply

Step 1

Purchase the application form by paying $50 or N30,500 to the account details stated below. You may also pay online by clicking on the button below.
NB: This naira equivalent may be subject to change due to the unending currency flunctuations.

Guaranty Trust Bank: Tubo Clothings (Nig) Ltd.
Naira Account:
Dollar Account:

Bank of America:
Checking Account:
Bofa Core Checking
Account Number:
4830 6561 8834
Title of Account:
Sandrah Tubobereni

Zelle: tubo2805@yahoo.com

Step 2

Send a receipt for confirmation to the email (tuboacademy@gmail.com) to get the application form. Upon confirmation of payment, an application form will be sent to you. You must fill and submit the application via mail.

Step 3

You will be notified via email if your application is successful. Should you be notified that application is successful, please note that you will be required to pay a tuition fee of $1,274 or N764,202.00 per semester.

NB: Please note that payment can either be made per semester or you can pay for the whole session. There are 4 semesters lasting 3 months each.